Lost messages

George Xu xuxiang1@REDACTED
Mon Jul 27 12:24:57 CEST 2009

It is said that send message is safe. But I count the problem of lost 

The situation is like this:

1. I use a ets table to store all process to be communicated.
2. But those process will terminated with some cases.
3. In case of one process is terminated but still not reflected to the ets 
table, send message to this process happened sametimes. It seems the 
message is send, but it can not reach since the process is termiated and 
the message is lost.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

徐翔 George Xu
Mobile Internet Service Lab, Lonovo Corp. Research China
No.6 Shang Di West Road, Haidian District, 
Beijing, 100085

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