[erlang-questions] 20k messages in 4s but want to go faster!

Ulf Wiger ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Sat Jul 11 17:41:35 CEST 2009

Joel Reymont wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2009, at 4:33 PM, Ulf Wiger wrote:
>> I don't have that much experience with running erlang
>> on virtual processors, but what I've seen so far leads
>> me to believe that IO in particular can be a problem.
> Yes, these are EC2 figures. Can you elaborate on how
> IO is a problem on virtual processors?

Not much - limited (experience) was the operative word.

Apart from comments here and there, we did run some SMTP
benchmarks on virtual instances, and they really sucked
compared to running them on dedicated machines. We got
similar results when reducing the tests to raw socket
benchmarks. Our conclusion in that particular project was
that virtual instances were not an option for the kind of
performance we had in mind.

(Deliberately fuzzy on the details here. I encourage you
to run your benchmarks on some reference hardware.)

I believe that you can pay Amazon extra for better
bandwidth. Not sure if this would have any effect on
your particular throughput numbers, though.

Ulf W

> Would this apply to Solaris containers as well,
> e.g. Joyent accelerators?
>     Thanks, Joel
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Ulf Wiger
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