[erlang-questions] compile transforms which change the module name

Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu55@REDACTED
Fri Jul 10 16:50:40 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 15:50, Joe Armstrong<erlang@REDACTED> wrote:
>> - it would be nice to have tools to do the reverse transformation for
>> logs and error messages; also, to be able to find the right version of
>> a module in ClearCase or SVN given the name and a MD5 hash.
> No need to the transformed module can have an added exported function:
>    my_origonal_name() ->
>         xxxx.

That will handle the name, but the version number in the version
control system might be important too. Possibly another generated
function my_original_version_number() could handle that, but it's not
easy to cover all VCSs...

Then again, the map() data might need to be saved somewhere too (and
version controlled).

There seem to be many small things that have to be put in place. If
there weren't had been, the whole issue would have been trivial :-)


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