Ryan Pratt ryan.pratt@REDACTED
Tue Jul 7 05:20:32 CEST 2009

I am noticing what appears to be a bug (?) in webappmon and I am hoping
someone on the list has some insight. When you run it against an app that
has many linked processes (like 100000+) it seems to lock up access to
remote nodes, and sometimes completely hangs the VM.
The first symptom of the problem that I noticed is that one of my processes
that is monitoring a remote node (actually a JInterface node) got a nodedown
message even though the remote node was not down. This got me looking into
how monitor_node works but I decided to give up and ask when I got into the
BIF code in dist.c
So, besides the webappmon issue, does anyone know how monitor_node works for
remote nodes? Does it go through rex or some other common process? Webappmon
appears to use rpc so if monitor_node was also doing so then I guess that
would explain why I would get the nodedown message.
Any ideas?


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