[erlang-questions] What is the best software development platform to use when working with Erlang?

paweł kamiński kamiseq@REDACTED
Thu Jul 2 09:40:56 CEST 2009

maybe it is just a matter of configuration of my emacs but I miss so simple
features like
-word highlighting if you selected the word in editor
-auto complition of existing function's or var/atoms's names - now I just
copy paste
-the overall user experience is dramatic, sometimes is hard to select and
then copy the same chunk of code many times in the row.
-what the hell is make :) I want my editor to build my project and copy all
to dist or other boring things
and still I have no time to configure all this distels things :)

anyway it works and I am coding in it for last 4 months :)

I ve just installed earlybird plugin and what i miss is short list of
templates (all gen_* skeletons)

Paweł Kamiński


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