[erlang-questions] ambigous_catch_try_state

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Sat Jan 31 13:06:58 CET 2009

Tim Potter wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I was making some innocuous changes to some erlang code -
> wrapping some existing blocks in a try/catch and now receive the
> following error:
> repository: function handle_call/3+613:
>   Internal consistency check failed - please report this bug.
>   Instruction: {call,1,{f,45}}
>   Error:       ambigous_catch_try_state:
> I'm now reporting this bug, as requested.  (-:  I'm currently running
> the 1:11.b.5dfsg-11 Debian package of erlang on Ubuntu 8.04.2.
> What to do next?  I suspect the answer is going one or both of upgrading
> my version of Erlang, or trying to narrow the bug down to a smaller test
> program. 
> Does anyone have any suggestions?

My suggestion is a refinement of what you suggested yourself.

Erlang/OTP R11B-5 is quite old by now.  Try to get a newer version of 
Erlang/OTP (for example, Debian lenny comes with R12B-3), if possible 
the latest version (R12B-5) which is available at www.erlang.org.
By getting a newer version, you'll be doing yourself a favor anyway.

See if the problem persists and if so submit the program exhibiting the 
consistency check error here (or in erlang-bugs)


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