[erlang-questions] Ranking

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Fri Jan 30 09:31:50 CET 2009


The text below you find via:


  "Other prominent languages of 2008 are Erlang (from #48 to #29), 
Powershell (from #59 to #32), and Euphoria (from #69 to #36). Powershell 
had a top 20 position for a couple of months in 2008 but couldn't keep 
that position."


  "Expected winners for 2009 are Python because of its strong growth in the 
webserver market, Erlang thanks to its language built-in support for 
multi-core systems and C# since it is currently at an all-time high and 
still growing. I think that the languages PHP (security issues) and Ruby 
(hype seems over) will have a hard time in 2009."

/Niclas @ Erlang/OTP

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