[erlang-questions] fprof error

Peter Sabaini peter@REDACTED
Wed Jan 28 18:26:29 CET 2009

Hello list,

I'm trying to profile an application and every time I run fprof:profile() I 
get this error:

> fprof:profile().
Reading trace data...
=ERROR REPORT==== 28-Jan-2009::18:22:04 ===
Error in process <0.107.0> on node 'emkuushell@REDACTED' with exit value: {badarg,
[{erlang,binary_to_term,[<<0 bytes>>]},{dbg,read_term,3},{dbg,'-mk_reader/2-


I can run fprof:analyse() afterwards though, and the results don't seem to be 
completely off. Should I ignore this error?

I'm starting fprof in the source of the main routine with fprof:trace(start) 


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