[erlang-questions] EEP0018/native JSON parsing

Matt Stancliff sysop@REDACTED
Tue Jan 27 07:53:25 CET 2009


On Jan 26, 2009, at 7:36 PM, Chris Newcombe wrote:
> EDTK only works on Linux at the moment.  Some people made a lot of  
> progress with an OS-X port, but I never heard if it was finished.  A  
> Win32 port is feasible, esp. now that R12B exposes portable variants  
> of the pthread primitives, but would be a fair amount of work.

   Good news everyone!  I finished getting EDTK+BDB working on OS X.   
My BDB tests now pass with the same results under Linux and OS X.
   The EDTK installer is at http://bitbucket.org/mattsta/edtk-installer

   I tested the installer on my iMac (OS X 10.5.5 x86) and my Linux  
box (also x86).  Andy Gross had it working on OS X x86_64 at one point  
with some Makefile modifications.

   While we're on the topic of EDTK, do you and/or Scott have plans to  
update BDB support beyond 4.5.20?


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