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Sun Jan 25 22:42:00 CET 2009


It is only some more days to go till the first erlounge in wellington
and as far as i know the first one in the southern hemisphere. Most
probably you get this message via various channels and i apologize for
it but getting the message out and spreading the word is key to reach
all those who might be interested.

Any agenda?
Well, I'll give a short intro to erlang itself and would develop a
small mochiweb application with a CouchDB backend during the evening.
nothing too big, just to give you an impression of what erlang can do
and how you play with CouchDB a bit. If you are interested in either
one or both or if you want to present something to the rest of us,
feel free to come along.

If you are just interested to meet with other geeks, early adopters,
functional programmers, startup guys, established telco
programmers ... come along. We try to make this a place for
information exchange besides the established languages and for
interesting new takes on obvious challenges.

When: 3rd of February 6 PM
Where: AltSpace (http://altspace.co.nz/)
more info: http://groups.google.com/group/erlounge-wellington


painless domain registration (finally)
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