[erlang-questions] Can Erlang messages be delivered out of order?

Sergey S ad.sergey@REDACTED
Sun Jan 25 12:56:25 CET 2009


> If you read the manual, you'll find that each process have it's own receive
> queue, and that new messages are always placed at the end of that queue.
> So, for you example, yes.

Thanks. I didn't know how message passing is implemented. It got away
from me, while I was reading docs on that.

> However, your example program don't work the way you seem to expect anyway.
> So, even if the messages would have been pleced in the wrong order, your program would have worked just as fine.

Those receive-statements were supposed to illustrate the order in
which I expect messages will be delivered. But you are right in that
program will receive all the message independent from the order. So it
was not very good example to illustrate what I expect =)


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