[erlang-questions] I'm not worthy (anthropomorphism ahead)

Steven Edwards cureadvocate@REDACTED
Wed Jan 21 23:46:13 CET 2009

For background, I'm developing what amounts to a photo-sharing site that
will allow some simple image processing.  I stumbled upon Erlang and YAWS*
late last month while searching for a light web server (other than Lighttpd
and Nginx) that could scale and developed a slight crush on the language.

I never thought we would move beyond the whole awkward friendship stage,
but--after our last date--I am now ready to propose.  We spent about ten
minutes together and she was ready (and willing!) to serve images.  Her only
condition: a properly formatted RPC message.  Wow!  (If I ask real nice, I
bet I can get her to speak gzip for me.)

I think I'm in love. :D


* I still haven't decided whether to use YAWS or Mochiweb, but that's
irrelevant: this message was just meant to praise Erlang.  My only question:
which Ericsson office is the Mecca of Erlang?  I need to know which
direction to pray. :)
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