[erlang-questions] What's the recommended template engine for web development with erlang?

Liu Yubao yubao.liu@REDACTED
Wed Jan 21 09:21:07 CET 2009


Recently I started to learn web development in yaws, I don't
like the way to embedded <erl> tag into html template file
because my editor Vim doesn't support syntax highlight and auto
indent for html and erlang at the same time, and I find the {ehtml, ...}
expressions are too complicated if the templates are complicated.

I googled the web and found these template engine:

* template engine contained in erlang-web

  Pros: erlang-web has many many features;
  Cons: erlang-web use a customized tag like <wpart> that
        html tidy reports error on the templates and it's not
        friendly to preview the page layout;
        It's said erlang-web doesn't support mochiweb yet (not serious for me).

* erltl in erlyweb

  I checkout erlyweb from google code and the building crashes, I haven't
  figure out the reason.

  Pros: erlyweb has many features;
        templates are compiled to erlang modules;
  Cons: seems it's not developed actively any more.

* erldtl

  Pros: The template notation seems good(I hate <newtag> and <%...%> :-)
        templates are compiled to erlang modules;
  Cons: not completed yet.

* sgte

  Pros: The template notation seems good.
  Cons: It's said the templates are evaluated at runtime, so I'm worry
        its performance.  

I hope somebody experienced can give some comments about them, thanks ahead!

Best regards,

Liu Yubao

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