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Adam Lindberg adam@REDACTED
Mon Jan 19 16:52:17 CET 2009

Using vanilla b and c. Just added some small scripts running the tests.

Using both by compiling header files with tests into the real module, when debug compiling. Works well so far and I can test private functions easily which is a big goal for me with unit testing and TDD.


----- "Vlad Dumitrescu" <vladdu55@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I am doing preliminary work on integrating test frameworks with
> Erlide
> and I would like to ask for your feedback regarding the usage of the
> test frameworks in your projects. I am primarily considering unit and
> module testing.
> 1) What frameworks do you use?
>     a. Common test
>     b. eUnit
>     c. QuickCheck
>     d. other public framework (please mention which)
>     e. other private framework
> 2) If you answered "e" above, is this framework using similar
> concepts
> to "xUnit" or is it something completely different? Does it support
> introspection (for example can one ask it which tests will be run, or
> the dependencies between tests)? Are they based on old versions of a
> or b?
> 3) For a, b and c, are you using these frameworks as such, or do you
> have a wrapper around them, to allow for your specific needs? For
> example: custom loggers, adapting to other ways to define the tests
> (like reading configuration from an XML file), mocking functionality,
> etc.
> The plan that I have so far is to build a generic test UI in Eclipse
> and use that to connect to the different frameworks. For this to
> work,
> there has to be some level of commonality and I'm trying to find out
> how high that level is. I might return later with more questions.
> Thank you in advance for your help,
> Vlad
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