[erlang-questions] spec( status

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Thu Jan 15 13:21:59 CET 2009

Tony Rogvall wrote:
> Hi list!
> What is the current status on how to use the function type specs?
> I have seen several versions in the stdlib code!
> from string.erl:
> -spec sub_string(string(), pos_integer(), pos_integer()) -> string().
> gb_trees.erl (with comment)
> %%-spec(empty/0 :: () -> gb_tree()).
> lists.erl:
> -spec(append/2 :: ([T],[T]) -> [T]).
> What is the problem here???? What should I use to be a modern Erlang  
> programmer?

There is no problem.  It's just software evolution.  To be a modern 
Erlang programmer you need to use the first one (the one from string).
The second one is just a comment (no spec).  The third is just something 
that has not been cleaned up at the time when R12B-5 was released.  Now 
it has.

> Of course I would like my type spec work to pay. Are there any edoc/ 
> doxygen stuff that take any of the formats?

Edoc will be able to take the 1st one into account.  This has not 
happened yet, but it will.

> What/Which formats do dializer use?

Currently both the first and the third (for backwards compatibility).
As I wrote, the second is a comment.

> I would expect that at least the stdlib to be normalized to one  
> notation, why not spend and hour or two to fix it?

Believe me it takes way more than an hour or two, but it has been fixed 
in the pre-release of R13.


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