[erlang-questions] Question about erlang history at Ericsson

Anders Danne anders.danne@REDACTED
Tue Jan 13 16:06:01 CET 2009

Robert Virding skrev:
> BUT, one basic thing you must realise and is that the development of 
> Erlang was pure skunk-works and we in the lab decided more or less on 
> our on accord to do it. We were very lucky to get in contact with a 
> group who were both willing and able to try new technology for their 
> development. It has never really been sanctioned by management and 
> only really been officially allowed to be used when other more 
> prefered alternatives have failed. Even then there were many requests 
> to phase it out and use other technologies.
Erlang was the result from approved research projects and not a 
skunk-work. Ericsson's CTO was well aware about the activities.
But like other research activities this was based on initiatives from 
researchers not from managers and business needs.


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