[erlang-questions] gen_server question

Howard Yeh hayeah@REDACTED
Tue Jan 13 06:45:47 CET 2009

> 2009/1/12 Ryan Lepidi <ryeguy1@REDACTED>:
> Hello,
> When the server is terminated due to an error occurring in one of its
> functions, what happens if another process calls one of the server's
> functions in between the time the server is terminated and the time the
> supervisor restarts it?

Hi Ryan,

correct me if i am wrong:

messages are dropped if the receiving process is dead.

with gen_server, if you use synchronized call, you can specify a timeout value

gen_server:call(ServerRef, Request, Timeout)

"The call may fail for several reasons, including timeout and the
called gen_server dying before or during the call."

I think you get either a badarg (pid doesn't exist (as it's dead)) or
timeout (if the process died after message had been sent)

>Will the call be queued and executed once the server
> is back up?


> Or is there a chance that it could be lost?


> Thanks.
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