[erlang-questions] Question about erlang history at Ericsson

Ed Korsberg ed.korsberg@REDACTED
Mon Jan 12 17:09:07 CET 2009

I am new to this Erlang forum so please excuse any 'newbe' errors on my
I recently learned of the power of Erlang while attending a conference and
while I find the technology
of the Erlang language interesting, I am really curious how Ericsson
engineering and management had the
courage to produce a real revenue generating product on a radical previously
unproven design.

Many companies have internal engineering resources to create innovative
research projects but it is
rare for these research projects to make the transition to shipping products
complete with all the quality
control and field support required.

I would be curious to learn how Ericsson managed this transition from an
internal R&D development to
a real shipping product.
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