[erlang-questions] [ANN] Spice Telephony - an open source FreeSWITCH/Erlang callcenter platform

Andrew Thompson andrew@REDACTED
Sat Jan 10 00:06:50 CET 2009


Today I'd like to announce the open-sourcing of a distributed
callcenter platform I've been designing/building using
FreeSWITCH/Erlang. The goal is to allow multiple callcenter branch
offices to operate seamlessly as a whole, or even just scale one large
one beyond hardware/software limits by partitioning the inbound
lines/agents across multiple servers.

You can read more about the design here:


And a quick overview of planned features:

* Inbound/Outbound support
* Media type agnostic (voice, email, chat, video(?))
* Skill based routing
* Agent phone agnostic (SIP or POTS line)
* Dynamic wrapup time
* Web or fat client interface

And you can download a very early work in progress snapshot of the code
from http://opencsm.org . We're also open sourcing our customer service
management application too, which is also available for download there.

If anyone is interested in callcenter development using FreeSWITCH
and/or Erlang, we welcome participation at any level. We don't have
public source control or a bug tracker yet, but please bear with us;
they're on the way.


Andrew Thompson - opencsm.org

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