[erlang-questions] Stuck disk_log_server

mats cronqvist masse@REDACTED
Thu Jan 8 10:22:39 CET 2009

Andreas Köhler <andreas.koehler@REDACTED> writes:

> Hi Martin,
> Martin Bjorklund schrieb:
>> Geoff Cant <geoff.cant@REDACTED> wrote:
>>> Hi all, I have discovered a weird problem on a customer cluster - mnesia
>>> experiencing overload/dump_log problems that appear to be due to a
>>> broken disk_log_server process. 
>> Are you sure it's really stuck?  I.e. if you do process_info() some
>> time later, is the reductions the same?
> Yes, the reductions did not change for at least 15 minutes, so it was 
> really stuck.  I did not check it once again though.
> Even if I did not report it anywhere, I have seen other processes 
> before, ones not related to mnesia or disk_log, got stuck for several 
> hours until the node got restarted or process exited.  Unfortunately, I 
> have no idea how to reliably reproduce this symptom.

  it would be interesting to see a process_info() of those


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