[erlang-questions] Calling into Lua from Erlang

PJ Durai pjdtech2000@REDACTED
Wed Jan 7 20:26:38 CET 2009

Robert Raschke <rtrlists <at> googlemail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I will need to call Lua scripts from within Erlang soon. I was
> wondering if anyone has already looked into a slightly closer binding
> than calling an external program to run the Lua script and marshalling
> via stdin/out?
> I am currently undecided whether to make the Lua API available to be
> invoked from Erlang (via a linked-in driver) or if it might be more
> useful to write a Lua library that allows a Lua script to function as
> an Erlang node (similar to the Erlang Jinterface lib for Java).
> I would gratefully receive opinions and wisdom on this kind of stuff?

Aren't linked in drivers supposed to be dangerous in general?  A bug in the C
code can destabilize Erlang VM.

I would vote for Option 'Lua node'.
You can have multiple Lua VM's on multiple threads processing requests coming in
from Erlang nodes.  The possibilities are interesting.

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