[erlang-questions] Record to Xml

Edward Stow ed.stow@REDACTED
Wed Jan 7 12:04:54 CET 2009


I am trying to marshal an erlang record to a xml document.  In my code
the record field name becomes the element name.

Is this a reasonable way to produce the Xml.

I was hoping to be able to "iterate" over the field names (with a list
comprehension perhaps) but I could not
find a way to convert a record to a List in the form

list( {fieldname1, value1},  {fieldname2, value2}).

My attempts follow:


-record(ewayRequest, {
    ewayCustomerID,             %required
    ewayCustomerFirstName,   %required
    ewayCustomerLastName,    %required
    ewayOption1                     %optional

asXml(EwayRecord) ->
    SimpleContent = asSimpleContent(EwayRecord),
    lists:flatten(xmerl:export_simple_content(SimpleContent, xmerl_xml)).

asSimpleContent(EwayRequest) ->
        [{ewayCustomerID, [EwayRequest#ewayRequest.ewayCustomerID]},
        {ewayCustomerFirstName ,
[EwayRequest#ewayRequest.ewayCustomerFirstName ]},
        {ewayCustomerLastName, [EwayRequest#ewayRequest.ewayCustomerLastName]},
        {ewayOption1, [EwayRequest#ewayRequest.ewayOption1]}

testRecord() ->
        ewayCustomerID = "87654321",
        ewayCustomerFirstName = "Jackie",
        ewayCustomerLastName = "Chan"

Running form the command line produces the xml

12> eway_xml:asXml(eway_xml:testRecord()).


Edward Stow

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