[erlang-questions] gethostbyname ipv6 timeouts

Jack Moffitt jack@REDACTED
Mon Jan 5 18:01:10 CET 2009

By default Erlang does ipv6 lookups and then falls back to ipv4 if
that fails.  Unfortunately for all my systems the ipv6 failure takes a
long time (5-8 seconds) which means that any code I run using
http:request (for example) is really crippled.

I can work around the issue by using http:set_options([{ipv6,
disabled}]) in my own code, but is there any way to actually fix the
underlying issue?

I've tried disabling IPv6 on the machine (not sure how to do this for
lo0 interface though) and enabling it both on the machine and on the
wifi router.  Neither has made a difference.


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