[erlang-questions] next(Erlang) a report

damien morton dmorton@REDACTED
Fri Jan 2 19:04:36 CET 2009

A month or so ago, there was some discussion about future erlang
ideas, and I created a Google Moderator site for collecting these
ideas and allowing people to cast their 'votes' on them. Obviously,
the 'votes' aren't binding, but they may help identify areas of

The next(Erlang) site is available at http://moderator.appspot.com/#16/e=bbc4

Google Moderator have proved not to be the ideal medium for this,
because it doesn't allow for any discussion of the suggestions - only
voting and proposing. Close, but no pyjamas.

So far 40 or so people have dropped by to propose suggestions and vote
on the suggestions already there.Some of the more recently added
suggestions havent been voted on much, and I would encourage anyone
who is interested to drop by.
 If you have already voted, please drop by again to see suggestions
added since you last visited.

So far the suggestions with near unanimous support are as follows:

* "Fix up the collections library" and "Refactor the basic data
structures (list,set,proplists,tree,dict,ets,dets) to conform to a
common set of interfaces and protocols?"

* "increasing the maximum table size of DETS"

* "Fix up records so that records are first-class citizens and not
just syntax saccharine for tuples?"

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