[erlang-questions] Is there a way to serialise a running process & resume it later (i.e. continuations)

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Fri Feb 27 01:54:23 CET 2009

Alright. It seems that we (or at least I am) missing some of the 
requirements. Do you mind explicitly stating what continuations 
accomplish for you so we're all trying do the samething? This is 
directed at the original poster of the thread, but anyone should feel 
free to wade in.

My thoughts were more implementation based,

 * identify browser by cookie
 * identify state by random identifier added to URL
 * post/get redirect trick to change url
 * for each cookie store about a dozen states
 * store this information in mnesia or another database
 * garbage collect unused states daily

Now yariv did use a form hack, but so does seaside from memory so it can 
do the increment counters demo correctly, ie multiple counter in the 
same page added as modules. The trouble is Yariv was doing a quick hack 
do demo what was possible with his framework (erlyweb).

rushed post as I rush out the door,


Raoul Duke wrote:
>> http://yarivsblog.com/articles/2008/02/17/seaside-style-programming-in-erlyweb/
> hmmm. i don't think the word continuation means what that page seems
> to think it means? in that case one 'just' uses a hidden form field
> hack. if there were something about "close the browser and come back
> in 24 hrs and go directly to the last page" then maybe it would be
> more about continuations?
> sincerely.
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