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Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Wed Feb 25 16:17:36 CET 2009

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Richard Andrews <bbmaj7@REDACTED> wrote:
>> That said, I wouldn't mind other solid examples either. There are, of course,
>> successful projects and companies,

So what do you mean by successful ??

Does successful "made $$$" using Erlang?
Does it mean "delivered on time" using Erlang?
Does it mean they have a big 100 man project using Erlang
Does it mean the project had thousands of lines of code and no errors?


If you mean $'s then at what value do you call something a success?

We have loads of "successes" measured on these different scales -
brilliant work done by
small groups (ejabberd was a one-man project) - if you're looking for
the BIG projects
you won't find many because you don't need many Erlang programmers to
do a lot of

So a measure of success might even be "required very few programmers"
- but if this were the
case the success would not get much publicity.

We have all these couchDB's and ejabberds and  scalaris and yaws and
rabbit MQ all done by
small groups.

Most successful projects are "do something" ... "get lucky" - we can
control the "do something" bit
but the rest is out of our control - if we get lots of people doing
Erlang then the probabily than
we can demonstrat esuccessful projects  should increase

>>  but not as easy to reference. If you just
>> want a well-known, respected product/project to point at, how about ejabberd?
> Good example.
> It's medium size. Solid. Reasonably well known in software circles.
> IMO to get more people into FP we need to show its applicability to small to medium sized projects (like ejabberd). Most projects start off with modest ambitions.
> More examples?


Little know - prizewinning - brilliant - widely applicable - if every
erlang user put a scalaris node
on their machine we could build amazing systems!

/Joe Armstrong

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