[erlang-questions] Element Typing in Record Declarations?

Magnus Henoch magnus@REDACTED
Tue Feb 24 19:58:59 CET 2009

"David Mercer" <dmercer@REDACTED> writes:

> It appears that Erlang supports type declarations in record declarations,

Speaking of which, I sometimes find it annoying that a field without a
default value automatically has the atom 'undefined' as an allowed
value.  I'd like to be able to declare a record field as being required
but having no default value, and have Dialyzer point out all the cases
where I create such a record without specifying a value for that field.

I guess I'm still too much of an $OTHER_LANGUAGE programmer; am I
missing something?

Magnus Henoch, magnus@REDACTED
Erlang Training and Consulting

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