[erlang-questions] Element Typing in Record Declarations?

David Mercer dmercer@REDACTED
Tue Feb 24 16:06:50 CET 2009

I just noticed in dict.erl:



    {size=0         ::integer(),    % Number of elements

     n=?seg_size        ::integer(),    % Number of active slots

     maxn=?seg_size     ::integer(),    % Maximum slots

     bso=?seg_size div 2    ::integer(),    % Buddy slot offset

     exp_size=?exp_size ::integer(),    % Size to expand at

     con_size=?con_size ::integer(),    % Size to contract at

     empty,                 % Empty segment

     segs           ::tuple()       % Segments



It appears that Erlang supports type declarations in record declarations,
but I could not find this syntax in the Erlang reference documentation.  Is
there any documentation on this, and what effect it has on the system?

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