[erlang-questions] Regex to match an empty string

Vik Olliver vik@REDACTED
Tue Feb 24 03:12:51 CET 2009

On 24/02/09 Robert Virding wrote:
>  Can't you instead just pattern match the string against "" or []
>  (they are equal)? Using regular expressions for so simple patterns is
>  really overkill.

No, as the code is already in production and will need re-testing if I 
change it - a tedious process. Plan B is to write a wrapper for regex 
that knows how to handle $^ and empty strings.

The program's magic is all done by config file changes, and a regex is 
used to match that particular field. Regexes elsewhere can match an 
empty string. Can Erlang? If the answer is "no, it's broken" I need to 
know so I can schedule a software update etc.

Vik :v)

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