[erlang-questions] writing a delay loop without now()

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Fri Feb 20 23:26:29 CET 2009

James Hague <james.hague@REDACTED> wrote:
>> I can't follow that conclusion at all - if you don't know how long a
>> call takes even on average, I can't see how you can deduce it from an
>> assumption that the cause of the problems with your loop logic is
>> microsecond-bumping in now/0 - sounds like circular reasoning to me.
>I've verified on two very different machines (different CPUs,
>different operating systems), that my timing loop based on now() is
>running faster than wall clock time, even though it's reporting the
>correct internal elapsed time.  That's all I know for sure.

OK - so are you at all interested in figuring out why, and if possible
finding a solution within Erlang? If so, you could start by posting the
code to see if others observe the same problem. Maybe also post the code
that makes you conclude that statistics(wall_clock) jumps about all over
the place.


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