[erlang-questions] beginner: Message Passing Overhead in Erlang

KangMikyung mikyung_kang@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 21:33:54 CET 2009

Dear All,

When I tested pingpong test, Erlang takes long time even though the data size is 0/1/2/4/8 bytes.

MPI takes around 0.0025 microseconds/iteration when the data size 0/1/2/4/8 bytes.

However Erlang takes around 0.5 microseconds/iteration at least. (within one core)

I tried to find the underlying reasons that there is higher overhead involved in message
passing in Erlang when compared to MPI,
but I couldn't find it yet at "The erlang-questions Archives".

How can we explain the situation that Erlang takes long time even though the data size is very small (e.g. 0 or 1)?
Why the communication overhead is very big? When the data size is 16KB, Erlang was slower than MPI at least thousands time.
Where can I find the explanation?

Also I tested two pingpong case: (1) with data('a') and (2) without data.
(1) takes 0.336 us, but (2) takes 0.0000000059 us. It's very different.
Can we tell initial data related setup takes long time?




ping(0, _, _) ->

ping(R, D, Pong) ->
    Pong ! {self(), D},
        {Pong, D} ->
    ping(R - 1, D, Pong)

pong() ->
        {From, D} -> 
            From ! {self(), D}, 

run() ->
    R = 1000,
    D = 'a', %D = "abcdefghij",
    Pong = spawn(fun()-> pong() end),
  TimeStart = imb:time_microseconds(),
    ping(R, D, Pong),
  TimeEnd = imb:time_microseconds(),
  io:format("Time in microseconds: ~p~n", [TimeEnd - TimeStart]).

-export([start/0, ping/2, pong/0]).


ping(0, Pong_PID) ->
    Pong_PID ! finished;

ping(N, Pong_PID)
    Pong_PID ! {ping, self()},
        pong ->
        ping(N - 1, Pong_PID)

pong() ->
        {ping, Ping_PID} ->
            Ping_PID ! pong,

start() ->
  TimeStart = imb:time_microseconds(),
    Pong_PID = spawn(tut15, pong, []),
 spawn(tut15, ping, [1000, Pong_PID]),
  TimeEnd = imb:time_microseconds(),
  io:format("Time in microseconds: ~p~n", [TimeEnd - TimeStart]).

time_microseconds() ->
    {MS, S, US} = now(),
    (MS * 1.0e+12) + (S * 1.0e+6) + US.

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