[erlang-questions] "Symmetrical" function

Andras Georgy Bekes bekesa@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 14:00:04 CET 2009

> Maybe try this one:
> f(P1, P2) when P1 > P2 ->
>   f1(P1, P2);
> f(P1, P2) ->
>   f1(P2, P1).
Bad idea. Comparing might take very long time! With this you can convert 
a function with runtime proportional to pattern size to a function with 
runtime proportional to parameter size.

Try this:
N=10000000, lists:seq(1,N) > lists:seq(1,N+1).

It will also block the whole VM (one scheduler) for an arbitary time. 
Note that term comparisons like > are BIFs, just like '--'.

I think the right solution for the problem is using macros:

% XOR function

Of course you can parametrise the macro with the function name as well.


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