[erlang-questions] Crash dump: processes_used and processes

Anton Belyaev anton.belyaev@REDACTED
Sun Feb 8 17:52:10 CET 2009


I am debugging an application.
Slogan: eheap_alloc: Cannot allocate 298930300 bytes of memory (of
type "old_heap").

I found a discrepancy between memory summary and actuals sum of
processes' memory.

Memory summary:

total: 1255206488
processes: 1150931020
processes_used: 1149949812
system: 104275468
atom: 622745
atom_used: 603397
binary: 10536328
code: 5789631
ets: 74272220

And then I summed all the memory params of processes:

{'OldHeap unused': 138758171, 'Message queue length': 42888,
'OldHeap': 138758171, 'Stack+heap': 147839948, 'Heap unused':

Sack+heap is certainly less then "processes" in memory summary.

Where does this discrepancy come from?
What really does "processes" and "processes_used" stand for?
Are messages in queue counted as memory, consumed by processes?


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