[erlang-questions] Message passing via shared memory

Imre Palik imre@REDACTED
Wed Feb 4 17:26:40 CET 2009

> From: Andras Georgy Bekes <bekesa@REDACTED>
>> I'm pretty interested in this method, because while memory copying is
>> OK for MPP or clustered environments, its is much slower than memory
>> sharing on SMP environments if you are deailing with certain amount
>> of data.
> Memory sharing is faster only if the number of processors (cores) is
> small. As the number of cores increases, the environment is getting
> similar to a cluster.

Could you explain this?  I always had the impression, that because there aren't any variables in erlang, cache issues won't hurt the speed (though it would make the GC more tricky).  What am I missing?  What would cause the slowdown?


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