[erlang-questions] Erlide packageability (was Re: "Erlang as a First Language" -- crazy? or juststupid?)

Jarrod Roberson <>
Tue Dec 22 18:41:30 CET 2009

the lastest version of ErlIDE at this time fixed a lot of bugs. I use it
exclusively for Erlang development, the syntax highlight especially the help
with code sense and when to use ; vs , vs . vs nothing is invaluable. It
compiles all the .erl files the background on lost focus of the tab, and
helps keep your code neat and clean.

you can get a self contained version of Eclipse, install the ErlIDE plugin
and just zip it up. Then all you need to do to "install" it is unzip it. I
highly recommend it after using the NetBeans Erlang plugin for about a year.

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