Generating Primes and the O'Neill paper

James Aimonetti <>
Wed Dec 16 20:09:23 CET 2009

I have been working the Project Euler problems and wanted to see what 
the list thought about my implementation of a prime number generator 
that is based off the Melissa O'Neill paper[1]. I also used a lazy list 
idea from one of Joe Armstrong's suggestions[2] concerning a Euler 
problem. My implementation uses the priority queue (page 7 of the PDF), 
and I'm using a skew heap I found[3] on this list to accomplish that, 
which I modified to handle key-value pairs instead of just keys.

I made a pastie[4] to view the code.

I tried to stay true to the Haskell version in the paper but had to 
modify some parts. I don't know Haskell so I easily could have lost 
something in the translation.

Oh, the function is called queue because I was playing with other 
methods, like the unfaithful sieve, but I've only included the queue/1 
in the pastie. I am going to try the wheel and other optimizations 
talked about in the paper, but wanted a sanity check from the gurus that 
my Erlang is decent and the implementation isn't totally bunk.

Thanks in advance for any advice or corrections.

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