Final year project plan

Vasilij Savin <>
Wed Dec 9 09:47:27 CET 2009


Doing a project with language you do not know is somewhat risky. You
may end up spending more time learning language and programming tricks
rather than developing your system. 2,5 months might be too short
period of time to pull learning new language and finishing project.

Have you had functional programming courses before? I do not want to
sound discouraging, but speaking from personal experience, coming from
OO/procedural background to Erlang is not easy. You will have to
rethink many paradigms.

I would suggest going through tutorials first of all and see if you
feel comfortable programming in Erlang.

In addition, I found that learning OTP is really good idea, as you can
build quite robust applications without too much boilerplate code.
There is plenty of decent documentation out there, so go ahead and
study it. CommonTest is awesome for testing.


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