[erlang-questions] Re: Port forwarding / managed web

jm <>
Mon Dec 7 23:28:18 CET 2009

Jayson Vantuyl wrote:
> If your concern is performance, Matt is right.  Apache can take a lot of parallelism out of the process to Erlang's detriment.  Nginx, not so much, but it's still not necessary (although it's great for serving static assets along with proxying to Erlang).
> That said, for 99% of installations, I think Apache will hold up.
> Of course, ask a general question, get a general answer...

If your headed to the high end (the other 1%). You can put a load 
balancer, such as an f5, in front which can then do any URL rewriting 
you need and redirect the request  to a number of machines based on 
various metrics, eg load or connections, on what ever port you wish. 
This is over kill for the current application however.


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