[erlang-questions] Erlang Oracle ODBC connectivity question.

Robert Raschke <>
Mon Sep 29 18:28:55 CEST 2008

Hi Dana

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 4:44 PM,  <> wrote:
> I have a feeling I am not pointing the erlang odbc module to the driver (looks like you can do this when making odbc module from src). I am not sure where this would be done though.

I think this is a red herring. You don't need to do anything special
to the odbc module.

Ah, I think there was something about an option needing to get set on the open.

OK, here's what I did (all under WinXP):

Installed Erlang R12B
Created a test ODBC Data Source in Windows using the Driver "Oracle in
OraClient10g_home1" (that's my local client install of
Oracle). Tested fine in the ODBC Admin window.
Start erl.
1> odbc:start().
2> {ok, Ref} = odbc:connect("DSN=test;UID=user;PWD=pwd",[{scrollable_cursors,

So, you need to turn scrollable cursors off.


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