[erlang-questions] Erlang Oracle ODBC connectivity question.

Dana.RUBINO <>
Mon Sep 29 17:44:20 CEST 2008

OK I have tried a number of things:

1) Used Oracle's own ODBC (with no luck)
2) Used MS's Oracle ODBC driver but again with no luck.

I have a feeling I am not pointing the erlang odbc module to the driver (looks like you can do this when making odbc module from src). I am not sure where this would be done though.

Would it be possible for somebody who has this working to do a step by step setup guide for using erlang/odbc on Windows?

I have searched the mailing list and haven't been able to find such a posting - I am sure many others would find this useful as well (I cant be the only one having probs with Erlang and odbc :-D).

As far as steps go I have:

1) Installed Oracle odbc driver.
2) Set ORACLE_HOME -> driver location

Then in the Erlang shell I have tried to test:
1)odbc:start(). -> ok
2){ok, Ref} = odbc:connect("DSN=HWHU;UID=auid;PWD=apwd", []). ->
        ** exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,
                                                       "No SQL-driver information available. Connection to database failed."}

Am I missing a step somewhere? What steps have other who have got this working done to get going under windows?


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2008/9/29  <>:
> Hi all,
> Now that I have Mnesia up and running well (thanks to everyone who
> helped
> out!) I am now trying to connect to an Oracle database.
> Working through the getting started guide on erlang.org for the odbc module.
> Problem is I fall over when trying to connect to the DB. I have
> created the ODBC connection in Windows and have tested it (so that's not an issue).

Please, ensure again, that you can connect to Oracle via standart ODBC link. I'm using isql for that purpose.

> Also is there perhaps another way of accessing an Oracle DB in Erlang?
> (I don't need to use ODBC)

None, AFAIK.

With best regards!

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