[erlang-questions] New version of LFE, Lisp Flavoured Erlang

Robert Virding <>
Sun Sep 28 23:18:30 CEST 2008

I have just released LFE v0.3.

This is the first version with the modified internal core forms and
macro interfaces for the new CL inspired style and the older Scheme
inspired style.

Two new modules have been added:

lfe_boot allows you to start Erlang with the LFE shell running and
still have ^G enabled and user_drv running. Use it as follows:

erl -noshell -noinput -s lfe_boot start

NOTE the order of commands important, must be -noshell -noinput! Add
-pa to find modules if necessary.

lfe_gen is a trial interface for using LFE for dynamic code
generation. LFE is much easier to generate as an Erlang list than
Erlang forms. This module delps defining and compiling a module. Note
that, while it works, this module is very experimental and may change.

To get you can either takr it from trapexit.org or from github, which
ever you prefer. The links are:


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