[erlang-questions] managing multiple instances of a gen_server

Mark Geib <>
Sun Sep 28 23:16:33 CEST 2008

I am new to erlang and building a fairly simple system as a test/prototype.

I need to be able to dynamically create one->many instances of a
gen_server process to be used a temporary worker/server.

I have be able in the supervisor of this gen_server to create the child
spec using the simple_one_for_one type. I can create many of the
gen_servers, but of course they are not registered, and since they are
the same module I can not call "into" them. Is there is a best-practices
method to handle this case, or do I need to simple use messaging, or
calls to gen_server:call(Pid...) for these gen_servers.??

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Cheyenne Software Engineering
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