[erlang-questions] Loading code generated on the fly

Robert Virding <>
Sat Sep 27 22:40:17 CEST 2008

2008/9/27 Claes Wikstrom <>

> Robert Virding wrote:
>> I am generating compiled erlang code on the fly without saving using files
>> (using LFE) and need to load the compiled binary into the system. Now, I
>> know how to do myself "by hand" but I would prefer to go through the normal
>> code loader to keep it all clean.
> I have a similar situation in yaws, however I chose to
> actually write the .erl file. In retrospect this has been
> very good for debugging over the years.

Yes, I do the same in leex for two reasons:

- You can distribute the generated scan module to users without leex.
- It is easier to print Erlang code than to build it, at least I think so.

Here the problem was to not use files, and generating LFE is easier than
printing it. I have an option to print the generated module if necessary.

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