[erlang-questions] Millions of processes?

jm <>
Thu Sep 25 07:20:12 CEST 2008

This was generally true only of the early micro kernels. Apparently, the 
Mach kernel is slow when compared to the newer L4 kernel. see 


Bengt Kleberg wrote:
> Greetings,
> It is not only _ideas_ in computer science that are held in contempt (as
> quoted below). Ages ago (before 2000) I read an article about Linux in
> embedded environments. The article quoted Linus Torvalds on why not to
> use micro kernels. The reasons where that they are:
> 1 Experimental
> 2 Complex
> 3 Slow
> After looking around for a while I found plenty of articles about
> commercial micro kernels, and benchmarks showing micro kernels running
> workloads faster than monolithic kernels. So 1 and 3 seemed to be
> incorrect.
> I submitted these findings to the magazine, which prompted an answer
> from Mr Torvalds. He assert that all three where true, but did not
> discuss what I had found. So (IMHO) it is also facts that are not held
> in very high regard.

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