[erlang-questions] Edoc question

Richard Carlsson <>
Mon Sep 22 20:44:18 CEST 2008

Robert Virding wrote:
> - For my applications I would like to write an extended description of
> the system in the overview and need the full formatting in the overview.
> Edoc itself does this by having a user's guide, this would be
> acceptable, while yecc puts everything into description of the yecc
> module, which I think is the wrong place for it.

I also think that the high-level description should go in the overview,
and that is how I write my docs. I just wonder what you mean by "the
full formatting"? The contents of the overview file are parsed just like
a source code comment (without the leading % characters), and there is
not much difference between what you can do in a module @doc and an
overview @doc. You have the same wiki expansion, macros, and of course
full xhtml for anything else you might need, such as tables. The
overview.edoc file for edoc itself should be a decent reference.

> While I am at it: can you get something which suitable for paper and not
> just HTML? Printing out from the browser is not good enough.

Sorry. You can write a layout plugin (I kind of expected that someone
else would do that for me, but no luck) to generate different html or
any other kind of xml-based output. Also, the standard layout could be
improved to make the output more easily "skinnable" through CSS.


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