[erlang-questions] currying and lazy evaluation questions (just looking for some hacks for purposes of porting)

Eli Liang <>
Sat Sep 20 16:32:52 CEST 2008

Two quick questions:
I read a note on the Internet that said "You can do lazy evaluation in Erlang (observe Erlang QuickCheck), but you have to be explicit about it."
Can some one explain to me how to "explicitly" use lazy evaluation in Erlang, in the general?
I know that Erlang doesn't support implicit currying. If I wanted to "explicitly" curry, is there some way to do that? Or at least emulate currying?
Since neither of these are naturally supported in the language, I suppose I'm just looking for some hacks which will let me port a few haskell programs to Erlang without massive rewrite.
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