[erlang-questions] Monitoring changes in a directory tree

jm <>
Sat Sep 20 02:14:17 CEST 2008

If your on linux I have an inotify port I've been meaning to release. 
The only thing missing is the Makefile which should be straight forward 
except make and I don't seem to be getting along. If your interested 
I'll either email it or put in up somewhere for you to download and help 
you get it going. If someone doesn't mind supplying the Makefile, I'll 
release it for inclusion in any of the erlang package repositories.

inotify works quite well. I had inotifywatch recursively watch the mail 
spool directory on a busy mail server with just over a 1M files on it 
consumming about 1% user CPU.

Also, anyone know what the equivalent to inotify on solaris is? I don't 
have a running solaris system, but I'd like to expand this port/module 
to include support for solaris.


James Hague wrote:
> Has anyone put together a module for monitoring changes in directory
> tree?  If a file is changed, added, or deleted, I want to receive a
> message about it.  The code for this is very different under OS X and
> Windows, so having a nice cross-platform module would be wonderful.
> Or is there a standalone utility I can spawn and get notifications from?
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