[erlang-questions] A better shell.

Gleb Peregud <>
Wed Sep 17 00:47:47 CEST 2008

Check out Conkeror project (and old Conkeror extension for Firefox too).


On 9/16/08, Robert Virding <> wrote:
> Well, I suppose one answer is to go in and hack edlin.erl which is in
> stdlib. Then you can change the commands to be whatever you like. As long as
> you only use the already defined operations it is not difficult.
> Of course the alternative is to learn the emacs commands. :-)
> Robert
> P.S. Does anyone know how to make gmail/Firefox use emacs commands instead
> of the ones they do now?
> 2008/9/16 YourSurrogateGod <>
>> Another annoyance is that I'm unable to use the Delete key. I have to
>> use the Backspace key only if I want to take out an offending
>> character.

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