[erlang-questions] String handling & regexp

Olivier Pernet <>
Sun Sep 14 09:04:18 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm new to Erlang, and trying not to reinvent the wheel to do some
basic string processing.
I'm reading a line that has a room name and a message, separated by
one (or more) whitespace characters, and terminated by <crlf>.
Is there a way to tell regexp:split() to please give me back the
groups matched by the regexp ?
Here's my first attempt :
regexp:split("  \t  \t room  \t hello world   \r\n", "[
\t]*([^\s\t\r\n]+)[ \t]+([^\r\n]*)\r\n").
I'd like to get back something like ["room", "hello world  "] with this example.

Thanks for your help,
Olivier Pernet

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