[erlang-questions] 12B4 dialyzer problem 2

Anthony Shipman <>
Thu Sep 11 13:08:29 CEST 2008

On Thu, 11 Sep 2008 08:55:56 pm Tobias Lindahl wrote:
> If Dialyzer reports a false positive, then this is a bug. You do not
> include the contract for streamIface:specialToDevice/3, so I can't
> determine if it is a false positive. Dialyzer should not complain unless
> one of the arguments is _totally_ incompatible with the contract, i.e.,
> the argument type and the contract type has no intersection.
> Tobias

A previous responder showed me that the third argument was wrong. I had 
mistyped the atom. So this is a win for dialyzer.

I'm a little worried if you say dialyzer won't complain unless the 
intersection is empty. I think that it should be silent if the argument type 
is a subset of the contract type, otherwise complain.

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